Consultancy services for local companies!

In a world of globalization and digitization, with strong impact on local markets we offer consultancy services to local businesses,  in order to develop competitive strategies and to  rethink their business model in accordance with the global dynamic.

Our services fall into three major categories:

  1. Management: business strategy, organizational culture, and, competitive advantage identification;
  2. Marketing and Sales: marketing and sales strategy, value proposition creation, pricing strategy, marketing mix development;
  3. Communication: integrated communication strategy, reputation management;

„We live here so we must ACT!”

The status of our society, where our families, friends and clients live and do business, is influencing more than ever the business models, regardless of it’s structure. In these circumstances, we support companies to develop and implement business plans not only profitable but also eco-friendly and beneficial for our country’s citizens.


What we do?

We are in permanent contact with our customers,  and we provide, in an accessible manner, all our competences generating values.

Case study


Successful players are adapting faster than their competitors: they increasingly invest in digital and bring innovation. ….

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