Water and energy – the essence of mankind existence


Water and energy represents the essence of mankind existence and the fundamental elements of all systems ever built on earth.

More than ever, the evolution of mankind depends on the interconnection, the availability and affordability of these two elements.

Obviously, Elon Musk (Tesla) through his vision, produces fundamental changes on the perception regarding energy and thorough technical solutions developed for energy storage, generates premises of independence energy situations (in the not too far future), both individually (for isolated areas) and at society level.

Maximization of the real benefits of energy trends will be conditioned by the accessibility and affordability of water.

That’s because the interdependencies between water for energy, and energy for water, are based on fundamental common elements (management systems, transport and storage, infrastructure, sustainability and efficiency) and therefore the approach regarding these two elements must be harmonious one.

If in the case of water, the groups of interest (authorities and corporations), through all kinds of regulations, will follow the same strategy – “close the door behind you and make money” (as in the case of fossil fuel), by restricting the access to water, then surely mankind will face the same paradigm that facing today.

But if the policies regarding access and affordability of water will follow first the fundamental interests of the individuals, then surely mankind will enter in a superior stage of evolution.

Disruptive technology will only be an accelerator of it.


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