Packaging & packaging waste management consultancy services


Considering the last legislation changes, packaging consultancy services will be highly required in the next periode of time. The legal regulation will undoubtedly affect the recovery and recycling of packaging waste.

By overcoming the shortcomings (implementing rules) and some legal ambiguities specific to the Romanian legislation, the legal option regarding the individual fulfillment of the recycling obligations by the producers / importers will have an economic / financial, strategic and strategic impact on the players on the collection and recycling market and those who have legal obligations to recycle packaging waste.

If we also add the long-term requirements of the Circular Economy Package, it is obvious that for manufacturers and importers, the packaging management approach will move from the operational level to the strategic

Packaging management consultancy will need to consider all strategic options. Only this will create conditions for increasing the performance, predictability and competitiveness of companies in the management of packaging and packaging waste!

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