Order 1.503 / 2017 amending Order no. 578/2006 AFM


On December 28, 2017 was adopted Order 1.503 / 2017 regarding the amendment of the Order of the minister of environment and water management no. 578/2006 for the approval of the Methodology for calculating the contributions and fees due to the Environment Fund

By accessing the links below you will be able to view:

In the first column of each document is the old order.

In the second column (marked in yellow) the project is under public debate.

In the third column (marked with blue) the final form of the adopted project.

About the author:

Marius Brinzea has managerial experience of more than 22 years, he is a graduate of the Program  “Competitive Strategy” within INSEAD, has worked in managerial positions both in Romania and abroad, providing consultancy and involvement in a number of projects in Europe, USA, and South America.


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