Nespresso and Caran d’Ache an outstanding link for Sustainability!


Nespresso and Caran d’Ache together for Sustainability!

When strategists become increasingly skeptical about the accelerated evolution of business models (not referring to R&D or technological developments), Nespresso and Caran d’Ache demonstrate once again that business models innovation has no limits.

More than that, the business model innovation can start anywhere: value proposition, key resources, key activities, strategic partnerships/alliances, customer segments, channels, etc.

The last “evidence” is the “strategic partnership” between two of the world’s most admired companies: Nestlé Nespresso and Caran d’Ache.

The strategic partnership objective is to increase the sustainability of both business models and to create a shared value: developing a ballpoint pen made of recycled aluminium coffee capsules.

Why Nespresso and Caran d’Ache are great business models?

Without any doubts, Nespresso represents a unique experience for consumers. An exceptional coffee, futuristic expresso machines, gorgeous shops and a functional coffee capsule collection and recycling program. We could also add the unforgettable Nespresso George Clooney commercials.

For the economists, and especially for strategists, the Swiss company means fundamentally much more.

Nespresso is considered one of the most famous business models and is constantly studied in prestigious educational institutions around the world (INSEAD, Harvard, etc.).

Nespresso’s success stems from:

  • how the business model generates revenue (“recurring revenue”);
  • continuous business model innovation (“permanent pivoting downstream and upstream segments “);
  • and “continuous improving sustainability” of the entire value chain.

Nespresso value chain development entails designing compatible business models at the level of the lead firm, and at the level of suppliers.



Founded in 1915 Caran d’Ache is the world famous Maison de Haute Ecriture in Geneva and has become through the years the emblem of Swiss manufacturing tradition.

Caran d’Ache creates and develops the highest quality writing tools!  The combined the best materials with the most advanced technologies in order to meet the deepest human needs:

  • expressing,
  • creating
  • and communicating.

I love this brand!

The Caran d’Ache business model incorporate best practices in terms of the social, environmental and economic life. For its internal structures, as well as in its regular exchanges with suppliers and partners.

Caran d’Ache works tirelessly to preserve the natural environment and its resources while placing human beings at the heart of its development.

Respect for the environment is reflected in activities aimed at optimizing energy efficiency and closed-cycle processing of metals.


Welcome Caran d’Ache 849 Nespresso!

Apart from the fact that both Swiss companies offer their clients a unique experience what else they have in common?

Both companies are highly certified for sustainability.

But is the certification a driver for sustainability? Of course not but the business model is.

In order to linked their visions for sustainability, Nespresso and Caran d’Ache launched a ballpoint pen made from recycled coffee capsules.


Nespresso has partnered with Caran d’Ache to produce a limited-edition ballpoint pen made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules.

Caran d’Ache 849 Nespresso is a message for recycling! The message is designed to remind consumers of the infinite durability of aluminium which can be reused again and again. It aims to encourage the recycling of Nespresso coffee capsules by showing the infinite potential of aluminium.


Read more in the Nestlé Nespresso press release. 

About the author:

Marius BrinzeaMarius Brinzea has a managerial experience of over 20 years and he is a graduate of Strategy Executive Programs within INSEAD. He has worked in managerial positions both in Romania and abroad, also providing consultancy in a series of projects in Europe, USA and South America.


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