Fundamental changes in the Romanian packaging recycling business model!


Legislative changes with an impact on the recycling of packaging in Romania.

The adoption of Order 2413 of 29.12.2016, the modification of the reporting method to the Environmental Fund Administration (last version v. 1.12 – related to the January 2017 declaration) and the current trend of the recycling market will change the packaging recycling strategies in Romania for many of companies operating on the local market.

Liberalization of the way of fulfilling the legal obligations of recycling of packaging, liberalization regulated by Order no. 2413 / 29.12.2016 amending the Order of the Minister of Environment and Waters Management no. 578/2006 approving the Methodology for calculating the contributions and fees due to the Environment Fund, will affect them differently (in the medium and short term) on the economic operators placing on the market packaged products.

Companies (large and medium-sized) to achieve recycling targets, companies that, as mentioned in the July 2016 “Impact of Legislation on Packaging Waste Recycling”, will acquire resources and competencies (employing specialists or recruiting external consultants) to develop individual solutions and to monitor performance in the transfer of responsibility.
Companies (medium and small) who will have reduced (or short-term) opportunities to meet their recycling targets due to lack of expertise and/or due to their activity profile (importers, etc.).

In conclusion, recently adopted regulations will contribute to:

the liberalization of the way the recycling targets are met;
to balancing competitive positions on the supply chain;
developing new strategies to meet recycling obligations;
to increase the traceability of packaging waste;
to increase the degree of complexity in reporting and monitoirising data.

Changes will not stop here. In the coming years, we will witness fundamental changes to the economic recycling model for certain types of packaging (glass, pet, etc.) and revisions to specific legislation in order to increase economic performance and initiate the transition to the Circular Economy.

But certainly, adaptability to future changes will depend on companies’ ability (and agility) to develop internally (human and financial) performance resources and access external resources (consultants, strategic partnerships, etc.) to anticipate evolution future and developing long-term competitive strategies.


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