Draft proposal for amending the Order no. 578/2006


Starting with September 27th, the public debate was under discussion. The draft of the MO on the modification and completion of the Order of the Minister of Environment and Waters Management no. 578/2006 approving the Methodology for calculating the contributions and fees due to the Environment Fund.

To make your study more effective on new legislative proposals, you will find below three comparative analyzes between the old order 2413/2016 and the new draft order. The new project text is blurred with yellow.

1.       Packaging and packaging waste / OTR  Pentru a vizualiza analiza click aici         

2.       Administrators or owners of landfills and territorial-administrative units Pentru a vizualiza analiza click aici    

3.     Ecotaxis-plastic bags Pentru a vizualiza analiza click aici    

You will be able to submit opinions / suggestions / suggestions within 10 days from the date of publication on the site to the Environment Ministry / Environment Fund Administration (probably by October 7).

After adopting and publishing the Order in its final form, on CHR Ambalaje you will find all the implications generated by the new legal provisions in the management of packaging and packaging waste.


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