“59sec” How mobile apps boost your sales conversion and redesign customer experience with your brand.

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“59sec” How mobile apps boost your sales conversion and redesign customer experience with your brand.

Successful players are adapting faster than their competitors: they increasingly invest in digital and bring innovation—new functionalities in their mobile apps. This usually means shifting investments from traditional marketing channels to digital.

Mobile has been the major disrupter, particularly in the last couple of years. The rise in mobile makes the proliferation of apps ever more critical. Digital usage is shifting customers away from desktop and laptop to mobile—and specifically to mobile apps. When …

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people use mobile devices, they’re using apps, decreasing the influence of the web-based searching.

“59sec”  – Case Study

Kuantero, a Romanian e-marketing agency, faced in 2012 a controversial situation with a customer, a major player in automotive industry, regarding a Google AdWords campaign: lack of conversion.

After a lot of reviews and re-settings of campaigns, the problem still remained. The leads were generated, but, at the end of the month, when the analyses were made, the conversion lacked. Everybody in the agency was puzzled. Why this happened? Why the conversion was so low?

At some point, the agency did a mystery shopping. What was the result? The client’s sales agents followed up the leads in an average of 24 hours. That explained the low conversion rate.




International researchesUntitled

A study developed by Kellogg and MIT in 2007 proves how fast sales representatives response improves contact rates.



Following a meeting between Agency GM Constantin Ferseta and the President of the automotive company, they both conclude that a different approach is necessary to manage this situation. The major inconvenient was that customer has several sales agents, but they could not make them act fast and grab the leads.

In these circumstances Mr. Ferseta developed a new service, 59sec, that act as a set of procedures for sales teams in order to boost conversion rates.

How “59sec” works?

    • Potential customer generates the lead on the company site;
    • In the next second, all sales agents receive notifications on their mobile devices (if they are agents on the ground) or on computer (if they are in a Call Center);
    • First available agent grabs the lead. The counter stops and the lead disappear from the list (in order to avoid duplication);
    • The agent calls the potential client. This fast response generates a UNIQUE experience for client. Usually this translates in increased conversion even 20x higher;
    • After the call, the agent goes to CRM, where he set the status of the lead plus he has to set a follow-up date/time.

If the lead is not grabbed in 10/30 minutes, all agents receive reminders. If the lead is still not grabbed, the manager will receive a notification:

Hey, your sales team could not grab this lead. You are wasting money on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Either your team is overwhelmed – or you have to hire more people, either your team has the wrong priorities. Again, you should do something about it.”

If a lead is set to follow-up, the agent is required to enter a date and hour. When the time comes, the agent is notified that he has to do the follow-up. If the follow-up is not done, there are 2 reminders. If the follow-up still is not done, the manager receives again a boss notification.

59sec also provides useful statistics for manager and teams. More details on how to get a guaranteed boost in conversion we can receive from Constantin Ferseta (www.59sec.com, www.kuantero.com). I presume he will grab the lead!



This case highlights the real impact of mobile app on today businesses. Transforming customer experience with the brand in a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE through mobile apps is becoming an unquestionably source of competitive advantage!

When Mr. Ferseta and his team started developing 59sec he was focused, mainly on aspects related with sales operations:

    • Poor response time of internet generated leads;
    • The number of follow-ups required, to successfully conclude a sale;

59sec not only generated a highly increased conversion rate and boost sales,  but actually reshaped customers experience with the brand. Engaging clients with the right experts in the wright time and in the right channel (in order to close a deal) is more than a differentiation tactic, is every customer dream.

Definitely all marketers and sellers must fundamentally reorient upstream. They can no longer rely on simple sales collateral or traditional lead generation method.

First impressions have always mattered, but now they involve building out a relevant and deep digital footprint to reach a potential customer early in the buying process, staying on his short list, and engaging the customer with.

To create distinctive customer experience, companies need to push the boundaries and adopt next-generation digital thinking and practices (what Mr. Ferseta done). And this is only the beginning. Distinctive customer experience needs to develop deep empathy with customers, a clear vision of his entire ecosystem, understanding relevant interactions that extend beyond the experiences the company controls.


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Marius BrinzeaMarius Brinzea has over 20 years of management experience, graduate of INSEAD Executive Program, acted in various senior management positions both in Romania and abroad, providing consultancy for a number of cross-border projects in Europe.


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